[arin-ppml] Q1 - ARIN address transfer policy: why the triggerdate?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Fri Jun 20 19:55:59 EDT 2008

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> why the triggerdate?
> > > isn't this inevitable in times of shortage, ...
> > I don't accept your premise that a market is inevitable.
> what else have you ever seen humans do in times of shortage? 

There is no shortage, however.

A true shortage of IP numbers would mean that there are not
enough numbers to use for everyone who wanted to get on to
the Internet.  However, there are many many many IPv6
numbers available for anyone who wants to get on the Internet.
All they have to do is get their IPv6 numbers and their ISP setup
a gateway to gateway from IPv4 to IPv6, then then as many
people as you want can use the IPv6 numbers to get on to
both the IPv4 and IPv6 numbering on the Internet.

This is a "prima donna" shortage.

It is like the people who walk into a restaurant and demand
lobster, then when the restaurant says "sorry we ran out"
they then stomp out claiming "there isn't anything I can
eat at that restaurant"


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