[arin-ppml] ARIN apathy

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Thu Jun 19 17:01:04 EDT 2008

Asynchronous email is often a poor conveyor of subtle meanings. When you
say something like this:

> -----Original Message-----
> Or should we just leave it alone and be happy that there is now clear
> precedent for hijacking addresses? This will go some way to alleviate
> the IP address shortage that is looming although this doesn't help
> who want to hijack or

...I confess I cannot tell whether you are being ironic or serious. 

If you are being ironic, then presumably you are spoofing some people
who you believe want to hijack addresses. But I don't know of anyone who
supports that. And this is the second or third message you've sent
defending hijacking, and, I hope you are not offended, the humor doesn't
wear well with the repetition. 

If you are serious, then my head spins. I have trouble understanding why
someone would strenuously oppose voluntary market transfers to move
addresses from unused places to needed places, and prefer random
hijacking instead?! You _really_ have to hate market forces a _lot_ to
take a position like that, i.e. as much as your typical 64 year old
British literary studies professor, and one typically doesn't think of
people working for BT as being in that category. 

Help me out here, please.

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