[arin-ppml] Whois Archival Policy?

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Wed Jun 18 10:39:25 EDT 2008

From: http://www.47-usc-230c2.org

(Seven weeks ago, during my phone conversation with ARIN officials  
relating to the SF Bay Packet Radio IP address block, I requested from  
ARIN a copy of their archived WHOIS record for the IP  
address block, as it existed on any date prior to the formation of Mr.  
Mulligan's SF Bay Packet Radio, LLC. ARIN declined my request on the  
basis of their lack of a "policy" under which such archival and  
formerly publicly available WHOIS data could be provided by ARIN to  
members of the media or other interested parties.)

I'd like to find out from members of the community how they feel about  
the idea of having such a policy.

Should we develop a policy allowing ARIN to release historical WHOIS  

Should there be  any restrictions on the circumstances under which  
ARIN would do so?

If so, what should those restrictions be?

My initial inclination is that since this is entirely data which was,  
at one time, publicly available, publishing it again is entirely  
appropriate. I can even see some valid use cases for a "whois wayback  
machine", such as wanting to know the history of an address block.

In fairness, I have not yet asked ARIN staff about the difficulty of  
making such data available, so, I don't know whether this is feasible  
or not. I would, first, like to get a sense from the community of how  
they feel about development of such a policy.


Owen DeLong

(Note: This is not a communication from the AC, it is my own  
individual question)

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