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> "Nearly 85% of available addresses are already in use;". 1.7B IPv4
> addresses are handled by the routing system, of the 3.7B which are
> available. Of these, probably only a few hundred million are
> actually used (1).
> By continued use of Network Address Translation (NAT) and finer
> slicing and dicing of IPv4 space, IPv4 space can be used much more
> efficiently than at present. For instance, the map-encap proposals -
> LISP, APT, Ivip and TRRP - currently being developed by the IRTF
> Routing Research Group (2) would all facilitate much finer and more
> efficient management of IPv4 space without further burdening the
> core BGP routing system.

If as you say there are billions of allocated or assigned addresses that
are not actually being used, wouldn't an intelligent address transfer
policy (such as Policy Proposal 2008-2) do more to facilitate more
efficient utilization of the IPv4 address space than NATs and "finer
slicing and dicing?"

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