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> brian's need is for provider 
> independent space,

How do you know this?  I have read the thread and nowhere does Brian
mention he NEEDS portable IPv6.  His exact words were:

"...I decided it was time to turn up IPv6 connectivity to my world..."

He then follows this with an ASSUMPTION that he should be out
there obtaining portable IPv6 numbering.

If Brian is an ISP and reselling service, then his customers pay
the cost of IPv6, not him, and his complaints are unjustified.

If he's just some dude in his garage with 2 DSL lines that he's
running BGP over to different providers, then he can obtain an
IPv6 block from one and advertise it to the other, no problem.
If he IS some dude in his garage, even though technically it's
non-portable, in reality since his cost to renumber such a
trivially small assignment is virtually nothing, effectively his
use of it is "portable"

> of which by necessity there cannot be all 
> that many blocks.

Nothing prevents people from obtaining provider-dependent chunks
from upstream ISP's and filling up the BGP table with them.  Nothing
ARIN can do with fees will prevent this.  Not to mention it's not
in ARIN's charter to worry about the size of the table anyway.

If Brian is ASSUMING he needs a portable block when in reality
he doesen't, then he just needs to go back to the books and study
some more, that will take care of the problem.

If Brian just WANTS a portable block of IPv6 because he thinks it
would be "cool to have" or that it would make him "special" then
I'm sorry, but the Internet has been
a commercial network for over a decade now, we really don't want
a bunch of small fry experimenters on it anymore.  He needs to do
what everyone else does and work within the system and get his
numbering from someone larger.  Or if he must experiment, then he
can go to work for some larger network, where his experimenting will
be supervised by someone more knowledgeable.

We do not let people do their own road paving anymore, either.  If
I live in an unincorporated area that has crummy roads, I am required
by law to pay taxes so a professional can go out there and repave
the road, I am not allowed to just go down and rent a paver and
have at it myself, even though I could do the work myself, at a
quarter of the cost.


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