[arin-ppml] IPv6 in the Economist

Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Fri Jun 6 11:08:21 EDT 2008

On Fri, 6 Jun 2008, Randy Bush wrote:

> this is truly amazing stuff!  i am deeply impressed with the level of
> invention, delusion. and paranoia.  it's better than some of the sci-fi
> i read on airplanes.  i need to let some of this nut's stuff through
> when i need amusement.  procmail needs a mood sensor.

Perhaps you mean Paul. If I've invented something, please, by all means,
state it.  BTW, asserting falsehoods about someone else's sanity is
indeed per se defamation. Maybe you should check your facts. Or is
fact-checking too much to ask?

> in my small experience, dns mostly works in v6.  the issues are at the
> level of specific implementation oddities, xp not using v6 transport
> being the worst (i bought a mac).  and some implementations which don't
> do dhcpv6 also do not use the wkas.

'dns mostly works in v6' doesn't seem very specific, not does it 
actually dispute any fact I asserted.

1.  You could claim that there are actually IPv6 root servers. 
[that would be something objectively determined.]

2.  You could claim that IPv4 and IPv6 DNS records aren't mixed. [that
could also be objectively determined.]

3.  You could claim that one must remove IPv4 NS records for IPv6 NS
records. [that could also be objectively determined]

Instead, you just resort to namecalling. Well, we already know that 
namecalling is no basis for a technical argument. In fact, we also know 
that namecalling is the last resort of the weakminded, who have no facts 
to support their views.


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