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Well this hits it on the head. Network Solutions, prior to competition, WAS
the bottom of the barrel as far as service goes. At the least, they were
forced to improve to compete. So the competition was indeed healthy.
Yes, some are bad, but overall its FAR better than pre competition.

Ray Weber

On Aug 30, 2008, at 1:09 PM, Milton L Mueller wrote:

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>> It is my humble opinion that domain name registrars suck.  The
>> best of them provides lousy service and near-useless WHOIS.
>> Competition has ruined registry services by starting a race to
>> the bottom in price and service.
> Competition in the domain name registrar space has probably returned
> about US$ 5 billion in consumer surplus to domain name registrants  
> over
> the past 7 years. It's led to some problems but also a massive
> improvement in service levels and growth in the industry. If you  
> wish to
> hold up Network Solutions Inc's pre-competition service levels as an
> improvement over what exists now I suspect that you keep that quiet.
> People who had to deal with them will either harm themselves via an
> apoplectic reaction or lose control and assault you. ;-)
> Are we going to start pining for the good old AT&T monopoly next?

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