[arin-ppml] flogging IPv6

bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com
Wed Aug 27 17:00:05 EDT 2008

others are doing a fine job of promoting IPv6 (see below).
ARIN (imho) should not promote IPv6 as much as create reasonable 
policies on IPv6 management.

--bill (speaking for myslef)

----- from the IAB ----

One common theme was that, as with many technological advances, success
stories in IPv6 adoption are frequently the result of one or two motivated
individuals who take the initiative to make things happen in their
organization. If you yourself have worked on "throwing the IPv6 switch"
within your organization, or you know of someone with an interesting IPv6
adoption story, the IAB invites you to let us know about it, including
issues overcome, or hurdles still before you. Send your story to:

  ipv6-adoption at iab.org

The IAB will deliver a summary report on these stories at a future IETF

On the universal deployment of IPv6[*],
-- For the IAB
  Olaf Kolkman


PS: Want to make a difference? A brainstorm of ideas follow:

 * Share the slides and a report of the plenary session with the
   networking lead in your organization's IT department.
 * Personally request IPv6 service from your ISP and enable IPv6
   for your home network.
 * Prepare your laptop for IPv6 and primarily use the IPv6 network
   at IETF 73.
 * If you work on application code, make sure your application works
   with IPv6, and if not, fix it. (Even if you don't test wide-area
   IPv6, at the very least make sure your application works with
   IPv6 link-local addresses, which are configured automatically
   these days on Mac OS X and Windows.)
 * Start using IPv6 operationally within your organization.

[*] There is an old tradition to toast on "the Universal Deployment of
IPv6" during the the IETF Scotch BOFs. With that in mind we plan to
provide the best story with a bottle of single malt.


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