[arin-ppml] Alternate LRSA

Cliff Bedore cliffb at cjbsys.bdb.com
Sat Aug 23 14:25:32 EDT 2008

After reading all the debate/discussion etc about what to do about
getting legacy users into the fold, I'll offer the following idea.  It
is somewhat along the lines of the LRSA-lite that some have talked
about.  It will probably take some wordsmithing to make it a formal
document but here are the general ideas.


ARIN: American Registry for Internet Numbers
Legacy address holder (LAH):.  Any group, organization or individual who
was legitimately issued address space prior to formation of ARIN

This document spells out rights and responsibilities between the LAH and
ARIN regarding services provided by ARIN to the LAH.and obligations of
the LAH to ARIN.

ARIN may require LAH to provide adequate proof of ownership/right to use
the address space covered by this document.

ARIN recognizes the unique status of the addresses assigned to the LAH
and this document does not address ownership/rights of ARIN to control
these addresses

LAH recognizes the value of services provided by ARIN and without
surrendering any rights regarding the addresses desires to contribute to
the smooth operation of the ARIN community.

ARIN agrees to provide whois, in-addr-arpa and other standard services
to the LAH for $100.00/year, not to increase for 5 years and not more
than $25.00/year thereafter (Feel free to offer suggestions on
amounts/time frames here)  Should LAH fail to pay these fees in a
reasonable manner and time-frame, this document shall be rendered null
and void and the ARIN and LAH status will revert to what it was prior to
this agreement.  Should this happen, LAH recognizes that actions outside
the scope of this document may allow ARIN to discontinue those services
it currently provides for LAH and/or gain control of LAH address space.

LAH agrees to maintain up-to-date contact and other information as
required by ARIN to provide  it's standard services

ARIN recognizes that due to the unique nature of the LAH addresses, LAH
may be able to transfer it's addresses to a third party outside of ARIN
rules and regulations.  The resolution of this ability is outside the
scope of this document.

LAH recognizes that actions outside the  scope of this document may
result in ARIN or some other organization being given some level of
control over LAH's rights regarding use of the LAH address space.  Such
action may render this document null and void..

ARIN and LAH recognize that either party may take action to resolve
ownership/right to use LAH address space or other issues and that such
resolution may result in the document becoming null and void.

Should this document be rendered null and void, ARIN and LAH agree that
with regards to this document, ARIN and LAH status will revert to what
it was prior to this agreement.

I realize that this will probably upset some and generate some debate
but I think it allows ARIN and LAHs to reach an accommodation regarding
LAHs contributing to the community and ARIN's need to have accurate and
up-to-date information available on LAH address space and won't unduly
abrogate LAH rights regarding their address space.



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