[ppml] ULA

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Wed Sep 19 12:15:20 EDT 2007

>   The ULA proposal should say that all routers, everywhere, 
> should filter ULA/7 space --- by this I mean, blackhole 
> route, not ACL. (Plus ingress filtering on source IPs)

It is not ARIN's business to tell ISPs what they should or should not do
in their routers.

However, it is the IETF's business to say such things, and lo and
behold, what do we find here in RFC 4193, section 4.1 Routing?

   The default behavior of exterior routing protocol sessions between
   administrative routing regions must be to ignore receipt of and not
   advertise prefixes in the FC00::/7 block.  A network operator may
   specifically configure prefixes longer than FC00::/7 for inter-site

Golly gee!
Right there where it belongs

>   you can use whois to find out who it belongs to.
>   In the absense of ULA-Vixie (which letter is your's Paul?), 
> people like me are going to ask for PI space. (Thank you to 
> those who offered me a /48 out of their assignment, btw)

Interesting. Not only can you register your RFC 4193 ULA address in this
global registry:
You could also ask a friend at a smaller ISP to give you a /48 from
their vast allocation. With so many ways to skin a cat, it is clear that
ARIN doesn't need to worry about it from a policy point of view.

--Michael Dillon
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