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Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
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	Please pardon me for interjecting, but aren't both Newtonian and
Relatavistic views concurrently existing modes depending on your point
of origin?

	It seems to me that looking at "the internet" from high in the
cloud would necessarily present a Newtonian landscape, while looking out
through the porthole of foo.bar will present the more volatile
Relativistic view. 

	Keeping both modes in mind when considering strategies is tough,
but necessary.

	Thanks for taking the time to explain, and for your obvious
efforts to work with the community.



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> >  so paul... do you mind that the IETF creates a new RIR?
> i didn't, and don't, see delegation of the ULA IN-ADDR space 
> as semantically similar to creating a new RIR.  i would mind 
> IETF creating RIRs, since there is a working existing process 
> for same and IETF isn't part of that process.
> for lurkers here, i'd like to explain in more detail.  
> bmanning does not see "the internet" as a static entity in 
> the way it's often described.  to bill, what "the internet" 
> is depends on where you connect to it, what routing policy 
> you have, what routing policy other people have, what's up or 
> down at the moment, and what time of the day, week, year, or 
> century it then is.  i struggled for a long decade or so to 
> reconcile the common "newtonian" view with bill's 
> "relativistic" view, and i'm convinced that bill's perception 
> is a useful one to keep in mind while contemplating 
> internet-related topics.
> but knowing this helps understand the context of bmanning's 
> question above:
> from bill's point of view, ULA as registered at SIXXS.NET 
> would be just as much part of "the internet" as any PI or PA 
> space ever was.  outlawing ULA in "the core" would be a 
> meaningless act in bill's world view, since it's already the 
> case that a lot of non-ULA space is in common every day use 
> but never appears in "the core".
> my answer, in that context, is that i see a difference 
> between ULA+SIXXS and PA/PI since one is allowed in "the 
> core" and one is not, and i therefore do not think that 
> delegating the ULA in-addr prefix to SIXXS would create an RIR.
> i hope this helps understand what would otherwise be a very 
> terse exchange.
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