[ppml] ARIN commments regarding Lame Delegation Policy

Member Services info at arin.net
Fri Sep 14 10:11:23 EDT 2007

The following comments are being provided in response to recent 
discussions and questions raised on the ppml.

ARIN has implemented the methodology for identifying lameness as 
described at:


Using the example posted on ppml, each name server would 
be tested for all 32 reverse zones.  A name server would be deemed lame 
only when all zones fail. If one or more of the reverse zones in the /19 
is configured properly for a given name server, the name server 
delegation for that /19 would be declared 'good'.

With regard to lame delegations reported to ARIN by third parties, ARIN 
will not respond to requests to remove these delegations without 
exercising the procedure adopted to implement the lame delegation policy.

ARIN staff believes the current policy, as ratified, provides sufficient 
direction for lame delegations to be cleaned up.


Nate Davis
Chief Operations Officer
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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