[ppml] Policy Proposal -- Eliminate Lame Server policy

Brian Dickson briand at ca.afilias.info
Wed Sep 12 10:07:47 EDT 2007

I oppose the proposal. Argument on why follows:
>> 		Recent PPML discussion has called attention to the
>> 		fact that lame DNS delegations are more an operational
>> 		issue than one of policy.  As such, the existing lame
>> 		delegation policy should be removed from the NRPM
>> 		to remove the resultant confusion.  This is not meant
>> 		to prevent ARIN staff from taking reasonable action
>> 		WRT DNS operational issues related to resources issued
>> 		by ARIN, but, such action can be covered by staff
>> 		operational guidelines and is not within the scope
>> 		of Address Policy.
The point of having policy documents which are public, is not to inform 
ARIN staff what they're
allowed to do, but to inform recipients of ARIN-provided services what 
*they're* allowed to do.

It is important that Section 7 remain part of the policy document for 
this reason, more than anything

Without explicit rules governing expected behaviour, the problem space 
can only be expected
to mushroom. Why this would likely happen, includes scofflaws, lazy 
administrators, as well as
"bad actors", the latter of which are dwarfed in volume by the first two.

Anything which increases the potential workload for enforcement, 
regardless of intent, is a big
step backwards.

And *that* is why I oppose the proposal.

Brian Dickson

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