[ppml] Policy Proposal -- Eliminate Lame Server policy

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Wed Sep 12 08:05:03 EDT 2007

At 15:39 -0700 9/11/07, Owen DeLong wrote:
>Operational concerns about routing and DNS are, in my opinion outside
>of that scope and only serve to muddy the waters of good number
>resource policy.

I've decided that I'm against the proposal because it is a 
bureaucratic step to fix a bureaucratic issue in response to a report 
of an operational issue.  I think operational issues trump 
bureaucratic issues.

The premise of the proposal is sound, there's no argument from me 
that, considered in a vacuum, the proposal cleans up a messy issue in 
the NRPM.  In 2005 I used the existence of 2002-1 and 2003-5 as 
examples why there was a need to have a mechanism to provide 
operational input to ARIN.

However I think trying to make sure we have a clean running process 
for policies is not as important as making sure the Internet benefits 
(operationally) by ARIN's presence.  I'd support a movement of the 
lame delegation directions in to some formal, stable and binding ARIN 
document from where they now reside.  But I won't support removing 
the home they have now until there is a new place for the lame 
delegation directions that membership achieved consensus on in 
response to the operational issue caused.

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