[ppml] Policy Proposal -- Eliminate Lame Server policy

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Tue Sep 11 18:22:55 EDT 2007

At 14:10 -0700 9/11/07, Owen DeLong wrote:

>8.	Rationale:
>		Recent PPML discussion has called attention to the
>		fact that lame DNS delegations are more an operational
>		issue than one of policy.  As such, the existing lame
>		delegation policy should be removed from the NRPM
>		to remove the resultant confusion.  This is not meant
>		to prevent ARIN staff from taking reasonable action
>		WRT DNS operational issues related to resources issued
>		by ARIN, but, such action can be covered by staff
>		operational guidelines and is not within the scope
>		of Address Policy.

Hmmmm. Mmmmmmmmm.

First I want to ask for a definition of the "scope of Address 
Policy."  I have a vague idea, I gather it refers to IPv4 address 
ranges, IPv6 address ranges, and Autonomous System number(s).  (It's 
that I don't think of AS numbers as addresses; I usually refer to the 
triad of parameters as IP numbering resources.  Okay, okay, splitting 
terminology hairs here, what I'm asking for is a pointer or statement 
about the scope.)

I may or may not agree that the lame delegation "policy" should be 
excluded from the NRPM.  I am unsure about that.

What I would be against is dropping any membership requirement on the 
staff to enforce clean health (lexically stretching "lameness") on 
the DNS systems operated by ARIN.  I think it is incumbent upon ARIN 
not to refer DNS traffic to servers which answer "incorrectly."

I could argue that (all?) IP address allocation policy is an 
operational consideration.  Poor address allocation policy would 
cause an undue burden on the routing system.  E.g., what if we only 
gave a (IPv6) /48 to LIRs each time the asked regardless of need and 
wound up with highly fragmented allocations?  I'm being silly here, 
to stress the point that I disagree that with the criteria of being 
an operational issue means removal from the NRPM.

Still, I am not necessarily against what is proposed here.  I'm just 
saying I have questions for now, but I don't want to see this lost.

I don't want sloppy servers.

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