[ppml] Policy Proposal -- Eliminate Lame Server policy

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Sep 11 17:10:09 EDT 2007


1.	Policy Proposal Name: Deprecate Lame Server Policy
2.	Author
	a.	name: Owen DeLong
	b.	email: owen at delong.com
	c.	telephone: 408-921-6984
	d.	organization: JITTR Networks

3.	Proposal Version: 1.0
4.	Submission Date: 11 September, 2007
5.	Proposal type: delete
	new, modify, or delete.
6.	Policy term: permanent
	temporary, permanent, or renewable.
7.	Policy statement:
		Delete section 7 from the NRPM

8.	Rationale:
		Recent PPML discussion has called attention to the
		fact that lame DNS delegations are more an operational
		issue than one of policy.  As such, the existing lame
		delegation policy should be removed from the NRPM
		to remove the resultant confusion.  This is not meant
		to prevent ARIN staff from taking reasonable action
		WRT DNS operational issues related to resources issued
		by ARIN, but, such action can be covered by staff
		operational guidelines and is not within the scope
		of Address Policy.

9.	Timetable for implementation:
		1 June, 2008
10.	Meeting presenter:

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