[ppml] AC Members' participation in ppml discussions -- was Comments on ARIN's reverse DNS mapping policy

Dave Mohler MOHLER at graceland.edu
Tue Sep 11 12:26:27 EDT 2007

I have also found AC (and BoT) members' contributions to the policy
discussion here on this list helpful.  I have _not_ felt that their
contributions included a tone suggesting that their AC membership added
any weight to the thoughts they expressed beyond that of any other
contributors' thoughts.

To the contrary, I would feel that it was a less open process if AC
members withheld their views until the meeting at which a vote was to be
taken.  Having AC members' views shared on the list allows list
participants with opposing (or even slightly varying) views more time to
thoughtfully challenge those positions.  Issues withheld until the
meeting could leave those with opposing views with the feeling of having
been blindsided.

-- Just my "two cents"(tm)
-- dave

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> >>  So to your point John, I would say its worth writing up and
> >> submitting it.   Clearly you have good rational and a need.  I
> >> would be interested to see how many people would support it
> >> and what type of Con's would be pointed out.
> >
> > I personally think that it is inappropriate for an ARIN AC member
> > to be encouraging people to ...
> We're supposed to be electing people to the AC because they have
> on
> numbering resource matters, so it is counter-productive to attempt to
> muzzle
> them.
> I am happy with the recent trend by BoT members to indicate whether
> they're
> speaking with their BoT "hats" on or not; perhaps it would be
> for AC members to do so as well to avoid the appearance of them trying
> unduly influence the process.  Personally, I think it should not be
> necessary, since any official statements from the BoT or AC come in an
> easily-recognized form, but it's a friendly, voluntary process that
> remind people.
> ...

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