[ppml] Comments on ARIN's reverse DNS mapping policy

Azinger, Marla marla.azinger at frontiercorp.com
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One, If you look at my posting I posted as a member and an employee from Frontier.  I may be on AC but I did not post as "AC".
Two, I believe John has a valid point.  I believe it should be discussed and I believe that draft proposals tend to help further discussion.  And as someone else pointed out, this potential proposal would be inserted into the next conference cycle not this one.  But yet, had it been brought up in time, it is no less valid than other topics.
Three, as you point out in another email education is needed.  Like it or not, the whole proposal discussion realm is a large classroom.  You can debate the correctness of this reality, but its still reality.

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>  So to your point John, I would say its worth writing up and submitting it.   
> Clearly you have good rational and a need.  I would be interested to see  
>  how many people would support it and what type of Con's would be pointed out.   
I personally think that it is inappropriate for an ARIN AC member to be encouraging people to submit policy proposals that are clearly out of the scope of ARIN's charter.
It is most UNhelpful to encourage such pollution of the policymaking process. We already have more than enough volume of proposals to deal with.
--Michael Dillon

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