[ppml] Comments on ARIN's reverse DNS mapping policy

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Tue Sep 11 05:30:05 EDT 2007

> but maybe, when all the arin policy experts wake up in the us 
> mainland morning, someone can make a succinct prescription of 
> how arin might help with your problem.  and maybe cash will 
> fall from the sky.


No need to run around beating people with a stick when they don't even
know what they are doing wrong. That's just plain sadism and is
economically harmful to your enterprise.

ARIN offers in-addr.arpa service for a reason; because it makes the
Internet run better. ARIN knows who is not using this service. ARIN
could have a program of identifying appropriate contacts within
organizations who do not have non-lame servers registered for each
block. ARIN could then contact these people with educational material to
explain the benefits of ARIN's free service and what needs to be done to
make use of it.

Just sending email to POCs offering in-addr.arpa is not enough. An email
message to POCs should ask for DNS server administrator contacts. Then
these people, who can be expected to have a better understanding of the
technical issues as well as the ability to act and put in-addr.arpa
zones in nameservers, could be offered the service. It wouldn't be a bad
idea to also send some material by postal mail to Domain Name Service
Administrator c/o Network Operator, in cases where the POC request fails
to elicit a viable response.

This type of educational outreach *IS* within the scope of ARIN's
charter, but still outside the scope of ARIN policy.

--Michael Dillon

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