[ppml] Comments on ARIN's reverse DNS mapping policy

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Tue Sep 11 01:14:00 EDT 2007

> Problem is, an AS only has to properly map a single in-addr.arpa to
> satisfy that requirement. What I am saying is just go a bit further, and
> have policy dictate that the AS must properly map ALL in-addr.arpa's for
> advertised prefixes in order for their nameservers to not be considered
> lame.

well, one technicality is that is not what 'lame' means.  lame means
that the servers are not authoritative for the named zone, i.e. do not
return an SOA with the authoritative bit set.  it says nothing about
having reasonable content within the zone.

but that is a technicality.  we know what you mean.

as i said, attempts to address the actual operational problem have
foundered.  the nay-sayers might be dealt with if there was not a
problem of specifying what actually is 'correct' operation.  remember,
your particular case is one of a wide range of incorrect in-addr.arpa
behavior.  a memorable failure to fix silliness was an ivtf effort to
label as broken dns servers which return 1918 A RRs for public look-ups.
 so it is rather a wide subject.

but maybe, when all the arin policy experts wake up in the us mainland
morning, someone can make a succinct prescription of how arin might help
with your problem.  and maybe cash will fall from the sky.

fwiw, i buy dsl bearer from the local telcos because i am forced to, but
use local isps (lavanet and infinity) for layer three so i can talk to
someone with clue.


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