[ppml] Policy Proposal 2007-15: Authentication of Legacy Resources - version 1.1

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Sat Sep 1 19:18:53 EDT 2007

Keith W. Hare wrote:
> That's not what the policy says.  It says "No changes shall be made to
> legacy resource records which are not covered by a registration services
> agreement after December 31, 2007."
> So, the RSA is ready on January 1, 2008, but legacy resource holders
> can't update stuff that is not covered by the RSA after December 31,
> 2007?  There is not a year there.

My apologies, you're correct.  I misread the policy to read the way I 
thought it should, not the way it's written.

> I would be happier if the year you claim is the intent were actually in
> the proposed policy.

I would support a further revision to 2007-15 to provide a grace period 
(such as 1 year) between availability of a Legacy Resource Record Holder 
RSA and the requirement of being covered by such an RSA before making 
changes to records.

> I would be even happier to leave the sentence out
> entirely.
And I wouldn't oppose that.

> Why do we need a stick today for the legacy address holders who have not
> responded to the invitation that has not yet been issued?

I don't think we need to invoke the stick before putting out the formal 
invitation.  I suspect we'll need the stick eventually.  If we choose 
not to require the RSA initially, I think we need to get a report from 
ARIN staff after a certain amount of time (6 months or so maybe) on the 
adoption rate of the new RSA, and discuss requirements at that point.


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