[ppml] Policy Proposal 2007-15: Authentication of Legacy Resources - version 1.1

Keith W. Hare Keith at jcc.com
Sat Sep 1 00:23:50 EDT 2007


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> From: Scott Leibrand [mailto:sleibrand at internap.com] 
> The policy states that the RSA should be ready on January 1, 
> 2008.  If that doesn't happen until December, then the 
> following section of the policy proposal will apply:
> > If this policy is
> > implemented after December 31, 2007, the trigger dates in 
> the policy 
> > should be adjusted appropriately.
> The intent of the policy proposal is to provide 1 year from 
> the date the RSA becomes available and the date that it 
> becomes required for all updates to legacy registrations.

That's not what the policy says.  It says "No changes shall be made to
legacy resource records which are not covered by a registration services
agreement after December 31, 2007."

So, the RSA is ready on January 1, 2008, but legacy resource holders
can't update stuff that is not covered by the RSA after December 31,
2007?  There is not a year there.

I would be happier if the year you claim is the intent were actually in
the proposed policy. I would be even happier to leave the sentence out

Why do we need a stick today for the legacy address holders who have not
responded to the invitation that has not yet been issued?


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