[ppml] [address-policy-wg] Policy proposal - Cooperative distribution of the end of the IPv4 free pool.

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Wed Oct 31 11:01:29 EDT 2007

> Policy summary:
> This policy will establish a process for RIR-to-RIR 
> redistribution of the tail-end of the IPv4 pool, taking 
> effect after the IANA Reserve is exhausted. Each 
> redistribution Allocation will be triggered by the recipient 
> RIR depleting its reserve to a 30 day supply, and will result 
> in up to a 3 month supply being transferred from the RIR with 
> the longest remaining time before it exhausts its own pool.

Finally some sensible discussion about the end-game that does
not cause us to reach a crisis sooner, and may extend the overall
life of IPv4 by a small amount. It also removes the incentives
for companies to create shell companies in other regions to lock
up a supply of IPv4 addresses.

We should discard all the other silly end-game proposals and do
some serious work on making a workable variation of this one.

--Michael Dillon

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