[ppml] Global Policy Updata

Roque Gagliano rgaglian at antel.net.uy
Mon Oct 8 13:12:09 EDT 2007

I wanted to give you all an update on the discussion of the "Global
Policy for the Allocation of the remaining IPv4 Address Space" before
heading to Alburqueque.

As I mentioned on the policy proposal the text of the policy allowed to
have two discussion: is such a policy needed? and what should be the
size of the last allocation form IANA?.

We have made a great progress in the first issue and some in the second.

Here is an update:
    - LACNIC, the policy reached consensus.
    - APNIC, there was consensus that a global policy for the allocation
of the remaining IPv4 space such as this one was needed. Not consensus
on the size that allocation or the text.
    - AFRINIC, idem APNIC.

So up to now, three of the five RIR have a positive opinion that a
global policy is needed. Here are the main arguments showed on these
three meetings:

- It is a RIR issue: the allocation of the remaining IPv4 space is an
issue that should be solved inside the RIR community and a global policy
will be a clear signal to other actors (there are some governmental
documents on the IGF preparation).

- Central Pool: This policy releases the pressure on the central pool.

- Certainty:  this policy brings certainty to every RIR on what to
expect as a last allocation. Without this policy there are different
scenarios of what could happen, and which would be the first RIR to run
out of addresses.

- Conservation: after approving this policy the scenario will be such
that each RIR could analyze more conservative policies such as the
proposed  "soft-landing" or the reservation of addresses to specific
infrastructure. The current "on demand" policy encourage the consumption
of addresses until the end of the IPv4 space.

- easy to implement: This policy is strait-forward to implement.

See you in Albuquerque,




Roque Gagliano ANTEL - URUGUAY 
rgaglian at antel.net.uy 
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