[ppml] people or employers (was Re: Policy Proposal Name: IPv6 ...

Scott O. Bradner sob at harvard.edu
Mon Nov 19 15:36:09 EST 2007

fred sed:
> PPML participants should consider that individuals speaking on behalf of
> their organization may have gone through an internal vetting process
> before posting a note.  This will often include internal
> discussions/debates/education and an enterprise impact analysis of the
> policy proposal. 

I hope that people participating in the ppml will generally
feel free to express their own opinions and that it is a rare
case where everthing must be vetted internally before posting
is permitted - I think we will lose much of the technical 
discussion if that becomes the norm

in any case - it is speifically not assumed by the BoT that
people are speaking for anyone but themselves and are speaking
based on their own thought processes


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