[ppml] people or employers (was Re: Policy Proposal Name: IPv6 Assignment Size Reduction)

Scott O. Bradner sob at harvard.edu
Mon Nov 19 15:30:27 EST 2007

> Not to pick on Steve in particular, but this is the second time this week 
> I've seen corporate endorsement of a policy position.  My understanding is 
> that ARIN, like the IETF, is a community of _people_ with opinions and that 
> corporate affiliations are for identification only.
> Can someone from the BoT or AC clarify whether I've got that right?

you got it right

the only time that affiliations are important in ARIN functions
(other than paying the bills :-) ) is when members are nominating or
voting in elections - the rest of the time we hope that the people who
participate can think for themselves


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