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Leo Bicknell bicknell at ufp.org
Wed Mar 21 20:30:55 EDT 2007

I'm going to start a thread with an offshoot idea, although it's
not strictly a policy matter.  People keep talking about incenting
people to move to IPv6.  What if ARIN were to implement a new fee

Year Fees for IPv4 Addresses
2007 Existing rates.
2008 2 * 2007 Rates
2009 4 * 2007 Rates
2010 8 * 2007 Rates
2011 16 * 2007 Rates
2012 32 * 2007 Rates
2013 32 * 2007 Rates
2014 32 * 2007 Rates
2015 32 * 2007 Rates

Per http://www.arin.net/billing/fee_schedule.html, someone with a
single /19 would go from $2,250 a year in 2007 to $72,000 in 2012.
It's predictable so you can show management, there is a sense of
urgency, and it doesn't happen overnight to create a run on IPv6
addresses.  It also provides proportional incentive to the largest
and smallest IP's.

As an alternative, so as not to punish existing address space holders
this could be applied to initial allocations only.

I suspect, "hey boss, our IPv4 space is going to cost us 32x in 6 years,
and we can get IPv6 space for free" would be a powerful motivator.

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