[ppml] PPML Subscription Campaign Results

Member Services info at arin.net
Wed Mar 21 16:45:54 EDT 2007

In an effort to increase participation in our policy process, ARIN 
recently invited all registered designated member
representatives (DMRs), Admin POCs, and Tech POCs to subscribe to the 
Public Policy Mailing List (PPML). In terms of numbers, the campaign was 
a success. The number of subscribed e-mail accounts has grown
from 456 to 1,711, a 275% increase.

Due to this increase, we’ve also seen several unsubscribe requests 
posted to the list. We have modified the footer on all mailing list 
messages to more explicitly direct subscribers to the mailing list 
management interface. We also posted a message to the PPML with 
instructions to unsubscribe successfully:
We appreciate your continued patience in this matter.

We encourage you to participate in the policy proposal discussions so 
that all viewpoints can be considered. The PPML is an intrinsic part of 
ARIN’s Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process (IRPEP) and broad 
participation is necessary for its success.  It is the public forum in 
which all policy proposals are introduced and discussed. The feedback 
given on the list and at the Public Policy Meetings is used by the ARIN 
Advisory Council to determine community consensus. You can also use the 
PPML to present and discuss policy ideas before submitting the idea as a 
policy proposal.

ARIN will continue to send PPML subscription invitations to new
DMRs, Admin POCs, and Tech POCs as they are registered. You can assist 
in this effort as well by inviting other interested individuals to join 
the PPML. The list is open to the public and we look forward to many of 
you becoming active participants in our policy process.

As a list subscriber, please be courteous and remember that you can 
manage your mailing list subscription at: 
This includes unsubscribing, updating your e-mail address, changing your 
settings, and searching the archives. If you set an auto-reply on your 
e-mail account, we require you to change your mail delivery setting to 
‘Disabled’ during that time. We also request that e-mail accounts with 
ticketing systems attached be unsubscribed.

If you receive any auto-reply messages to a post, please submit it to 
info at arin.net so that we may investigate.

If at any time you have questions about the mailing list, our policy 
process, or ARIN in general, please contact us at info at arin.net.


Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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