[ppml] Suggestion for ARIN to deligate smaller IP blocks

Leroy Ladyzhensky leroy at emailsorting.com
Fri Jun 1 11:19:41 EDT 2007


I think you don't understand... so let me make this more clear...

An ASP or MSP who provides an internet service rarely supports or deploys 
the end user/customers router or firewall.
also for an ASP or MSP their majority of customers are small businesses who 
don't have justification for managing their own solution internally.
And since this is case you can see how the customer will have lower end 
equipment. and no one on staff that is computer savvy (other wise they would 
not need to out source any services or applications). So thanks you for 
wonderful insight to the wonderful world of Cisco and their IOS...
but its not applicable in this scenario.

you also indicate that the real cause is lack-of-planning...  wouldn't 
acquiring address space from ARIN (if possible) be good planning?

you also mentioned that using a reliable ISP for upstream connection is 
needed, and not some "fly by night operator"...  Let me give you an example 
of a NON-fly-by-night ISP... A company had their equipment hosted in a 
datacenter, and a major provider was in the same building. so an Ethernet 
connection was run from the NON-fly-by-night ISP up to the datacenter. In a 
few years the ISP Was bought out by another major NON-fly-by-night ISP and 
decided that this location is redundant in the area and is no longer needed. 
If connection was to be maintained then an DS3 or fiber would need to be 
utilized from the local Telco, and thus the pricing went way up... (I guess 
the company in the datacenter could have done some better planning to avoid 

needless to say.. if they had their own block of IP's the could have went to 
another NON-fly-by-night ISP in the same building and got an Ethernet 
connection from them to save on cost.

These situation happen all the time, and there are many more examples of 
what NON-fly-by-night ISP do and can do.... an no one can argue this..

Leroy Ladyzhensky - CCNA, CCDA, CSE
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