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Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Thu Apr 19 15:23:10 EDT 2007

Thus spake "Stephen Sprunk" <stephen at sprunk.org>
> Thus spake <brian.knight at us.mizuho-sc.com>
>> Is there anyone at all reaching out to the enterprise network
>> operator community, to tell them about IPv6 and to give them
>> some hands-on experience with it?  Perhaps that would help
>> speed adoption of v6.
> I've submitted an official suggestion via the ACSP that ARIN
> start community outreach efforts.  I didn't mention hands-on
> events, but that's a good thought to add if ARIN acts on the
> suggestion (and they might not, or the members might reject it
> if consulted, due to the high cost of reaching and influencing
> people who aren't already involved in the discussion).

As promised, here's the response:

> This is in response to suggestion 2007.10 submitted 22 March
> 2007.
> Education is a strong component of ARIN's mission and as
> such we are actively engaged in education activities to explain
> IPv6 protocol. We are especially interested to get the word out
> about how to request IPv6 address space from ARIN. We have
> sponsored IPv6 related tutorials and workshops at our
> meetings, included general IPv6 articles in our newsletter,
> and ARIN staff participate in IPv6 forums and conferences
> throughout the region. We will continue to undertake these
> types of efforts and strengthen our communications to include
> statistics.
> While education about ARIN services and our mission is
> appropriate, the promotion of any specific technology is not
> within our charter. We do welcome any specific
> recommendations of forums where we should participate
> or topics you would like to see us cover on our website or
> in public presentations. Such ideas should be sent to
> info at arin.net.
> Thank you for participating in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion
> process. Suggestion 2007.10 is now considered closed.

I do find this a bit disappointing, but I understand the rationale: it's not 
ARIN's job to tell people they need to use IPv6.  This is probably true.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be anyone else's job either.  ARIN, NANOG, 
and other groups are limiting their education to people who are already 
involved in those groups and have asked for it.  This, to me, does not 
qualify as "outreach"; it's preaching to the choir.

I got a similar response to a proposal that ARIN suggest requesting an IPv6 
allocation/assignment when processing IPv4 requests:

> This is in response to suggestion 2007.11 submitted 22 March
> 2007.
> While ARIN is certainly interested in seeing the growth of IPv6
> across the Internet, it is not ARIN's place to promote IPv6, or any
> other specific technology, to our customers. What ARIN can do
> however, is continue to educate and inform the community
> about IPv6 through participation in activities and events such
> as workshops, tutorials, conferences, and publications.
> Noting that ARIN will continue to take the above noted
> actions, suggestion 2007.11 is now closed.

Same complaints from my end as above, and the same admission that ARIN is 
probably correct to have this position.  *sigh*


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