[ppml] Multihome Pro Con Document

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Tue Oct 17 10:20:15 EDT 2006

On 10/17/06 at 10:07am -0400, Howard, W. Lee <Lee.Howard at stanleyassociates....:

> What is the appropriate IETF WG for design of IPv6 multihoming
> solutions?  shim6 is a specific solution; v6ops doesn't sound
> quite right.

That *was* multi6, which concluded a while back, around the time shim6 was
chartered.  There is currently no other working group working on alternate
multihoming solutions to shim6.  If you think the IETF should be working
on something other than shim6 or IPv4-style BGP multihoming for IPv6
(which doesn't require anything new from the IETF), then you'd need to get
enough people to agree with you to hold a BOF and get a new WG started.

With this topic I'm sure there would be political issues, but the biggest
impediment to getting a WG going is usually getting enough people
interested and committed to actually participate in the WG and do the work


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