[ppml] Multihome Pro Con Document

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sun Oct 15 11:47:57 EDT 2006

>>> End-user networks may require some means of switching from two
>>> types of residential access, but may be generally assumed to have
>>> no more than two simultaneous links, a single prefix, and no need
>>> for traffic engineering.
>> why the assumption of only two and why the assumption of no te?
>> i want voip out the left and quake out the right, for example.
> You're special, and clueful, and can build complex networks.  
> If we're not allowed to make assumptions, we can't define requirements,
> and can't do anything.

the assumption to make is that, if the home user is multi-homed,
that they did it for a reason.  and that reason is likely traffic
engineering.  the two most common reasons for this in the states
are precisely the examples i gave, voip and games.


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