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Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Thu Oct 5 16:00:49 EDT 2006

At 12:17 -0400 10/5/06, Sandy Murphy wrote:

>I think it would be really nifty if there was an EASY button for
>converting database entries into PKI certificates.  (From what I
>understand of Geoff Huston's presentations, APNIC is doing that.)
>If there were, a database that contained this new info would convert
>to what Steve Kent calls a ROA - a Route Origination Attestation.

One thing I'll mention just as a caution against overly great 
expectations - from my recollection the ARIN database is designed 
differently from the APNIC database.  What may be easily fit into one 
database may not as easily be built into another.

This is coming from someone who did work for ARIN, but is as familiar 
with databases as I am with the Windows operating system.  Which is 
to say "not much."

My statement is also not a relative comparison between the two 
designs.  The approaches taken came from different requirements.

I won't go further as my opinions in this regard are based on a 
11-year old's comprehension of how databases are built and work.  I 
don't mean to slight 11 year olds - they are wonderful people who 
generally later become 12 year olds.  If someone wants to set the 
record straight and feels it is appropriate to get into such a 
detailed discussion on an open list, I'll leave it to someone else.

But, yes, it would be nifty, but I wouldn't count on it.

More seriously, the reason there are different RIRs is that there are 
going to be regional differences.  There is one here.  It would be 
good to have the ability to provide these certificates out of the 
ARIN region just as in the APNIC region but what it would take to 
accomplish the same service will be different.
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