[ppml] Comment on "Policy Proposal 2006-1" (Residential Privacy modification)

Sam Weiler weiler at tislabs.com
Thu Oct 5 12:02:48 EDT 2006

On Wed, 4 Oct 2006, william(at)elan.net wrote:

> I'd like to make additional comment regarding 2006-1 and potentially
> offering a way to a solution that solves the issues but does not cause
> as many problems and changes with ARIN system.
> As a reminder a primary justification for introducing this seems to
> be that full ZIP codes (6 code in Canada or full 9 digit code in US)
> and city is in some cases are too specific and is almost the same as
> offering full street address.

As I said in April[1] and repeated earlier this week[2], my impression 
from Montreal was that MOST of the objections to 2006-1 were fueled by 
the staff's concerns about not having access to data they need, not a 
desire to have city/state/postal codes published for all to see.

I don't think we'd heard from many folks who want to use that data 
about their desire for it, particularly absent a name, street name, 
and number.  If there are such folks out there, I'd really like to 
hear more about their need, and why it can't be satisfied in some 
other way.  Then we, as a community, can desire whether their need for 
the data outweighs the individual users' rights to some privacy.

Absent such voices, let's deal with the other objections and move

-- Sam

[1] http://lists.arin.net/pipermail/ppml/2006-April/005330.html
[2] http://lists.arin.net/pipermail/ppml/2006-October/005712.html

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