[ppml] "Recommended Practices" procedure

Robert E.Seastrom ppml at rs.seastrom.com
Fri Jun 30 14:56:22 EDT 2006

Marshall Eubanks <tme at multicasttech.com> writes in response to Scott Leibrand <sleibrand at internap.com>:

> In my experience, claims to be "Tier 1" are pretty common. Some I
> believe, some
> I know aren't really true. And, like you, I think I know who to ask
> if I need to know more.
> More seriously, I was trying to point out that ARIN policy needs to
> avoid the creation
> of a "private club" model, where you can't do things unless you know
> the right people at the right level.

Who is and isn't transit-free of course is subject to change from time
to time; possibly at inconvenient times like the middle of your contract.

I agree that ARIN policy should not be creating or appearing to create
a tiered system.

> Oh, then I misunderstood and must apologize. I thought you were
> proposing this _instead_ of PI space for small multi-homers. If you
> are saying that this is something that you can do _as an
> additional option_, then I have no trouble with it.

I do.  It encourages people to take the path of least resistance
(here, have this slice of PA space, no paperwork involved, sure we'll
multihome for ya!) rather than fixing the perception that ARIN is
difficult to deal with to the extent that people would short
themselves from a business and technical standpoint in order to avoid


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