[ppml] "Recommended Practices" procedure

Marshall Eubanks tme at multicasttech.com
Fri Jun 30 11:08:32 EDT 2006


On Jun 30, 2006, at 10:49 AM, Scott Leibrand wrote:

> On 06/30/06 at 10:15am -0400, Marshall Eubanks  
> <tme at multicasttech.com> wrote:
>> On Jun 30, 2006, at 9:38 AM, Scott Leibrand wrote:
>>> No, I'm not making that assumption.  I'm saying that only your
>>> transit-free transit providers need to exchange your route.
>>> Everyone else
>> How do I determine which of my transit providers are transit-free ?
> Ask them?  Ask a trusted third party?  I've never had any problem
> getting this information from my transit providers.

In my experience, claims to be "Tier 1" are pretty common. Some I  
believe, some
I know aren't really true. And, like you, I think I know who to ask  
if I need to know more.

More seriously, I was trying to point out that ARIN policy needs to  
avoid the creation
of a "private club" model, where you can't do things unless you know  
the right people at the right level.

>> What do I do if one fine day no provider available to me is transit-
>> free ?
> Then perhaps you should start using PI space.  If you can't, it's a  
> harder
> problem to solve, but still doesn't require cooperation of anyone  
> who's
> not receiving money (directly or indirectly) from you.

Oh, then I misunderstood and must apologize. I thought you were
proposing this _instead_ of PI space for small multi-homers. If you
are saying that this is something that you can do _as an
additional option_, then I have no trouble with it.

> Say you buy your transit from me.  I recommend you get PI space,  
> but you
> don't qualify, so I give you a /48 out of my /32, and announce both  
> routes
> to all of my transit providers (who accept them, because I'm paying  
> them
> to do so).  You also run BGP with another tier 2 ISP.  I exchange  
> your /48
> with that ISP, either via a peering link or via a mutual transit  
> provider.
> If there are no peering links or mutual transit providers, then I  
> must ask
> my transit provider to accept your /48 from your ISP's transit  
> provider,
> and vice versa.  Other transit-free NSPs, which don't have either  
> me or
> your other ISP as customers, will send your traffic to one of my  
> transit
> providers based on my /32, then on to me or your ISP based on your / 
> 48.
> If either of your ISP links (or the routers terminating them) go down,
> then your traffic will be passed along to your other ISP.
> The only failure scenario where you lose connectivity is if my network
> goes completely offline.  If you believe the likelihood of such an  
> event
> is higher than your risk tolerance, then you should use PI space,  
> or get
> your PA space from someone with a network less likely to  
> catastrophically
> fail.
> -Scott


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