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Jason Schiller (schiller@uu.net) jason.schiller at mci.com
Thu Jun 29 14:05:31 EDT 2006

On Thu, 29 Jun 2006, David Williamson wrote:

> Heck, I think the ISP crowd had it backwards in their objections to PI
> space.  Let people get whatever space (v4 or v6) they can qualify for.
> ARIN makes no promises about the routability of any block.  If you
> qualify for a block that's too small for current ISP routing policy to
> carry, that's unfortunate.  Perhaps we'll be able to route your /26 or
> /56 in the future.  Again, market forces will make things work out for
> the general good, or at least the general good of the ISP's
> shareholders.
> I will again reiterate that this is a business issue, not a policy
> one.  Routing best practices are frequently organization specific,
> depending on hardware, clue level, and greed, among other variables.

Unfortunately what is the best business paractice is not always what is
best for the good of the Internet.  This is the tragedy of the commons.

Also unfortunately shareholders are quick to dismiss long term concerns  
for a short term revune increase.

> I'll agree with Randy: I'd rather not work and have money fall from the
> sky. :)

I have two questions on this money falling from the sky thing...

1. Do I have to be in a certain place to get the money? If so where?

2. Does everyone get money from the sky? And if so what will it do to the
value of the money?

> -David
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