[ppml] Proposed Change to AC Initial Review Period

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Tue Jan 24 17:20:46 EST 2006

The ARIN Board of Trustees is soliciting community comment on its intent 
to change the initial review period by the Advisory Council of a 
submitted policy proposal. The proposed change would remove the current 
requirement for an AC review within ten (10) business days from the date 
the proposal is posted on the public policy mailing list, and instead 
require the review to take place at the next regularly scheduled meeting 
of the AC. If the period before the next regularly scheduled meeting is 
less than 10 days, then the period would be extended to the subsequent 
regularly scheduled meeting, but the period would not be extended beyond 
45 days.

The rationale for this change is that at the end of the review period 
the AC is required to take an action.  In order to do this it must 
convene a meeting. The current criteria could put a burden on the AC as 
it could prompt the necessity of having very frequent meetings to 
perform this duty.  The proposed change would allow the AC to meet no 
more than monthly to perform this task. If you have comments regarding 
this contemplated Board of Trustees action, please submit them to this 
list no later than 5 PM Eastern Time, 3 February 2006.

Raymond A. Plzak
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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