[ppml] Policy Proposal 2005-1: Provider-independent IPv6 Assignments for End Sites - revised text

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Fri Feb 10 11:44:23 EST 2006

Policy Proposal 2005-1: Provider-independent IPv6 Assignments for End
Sites has been revised by the authors. This proposal is open for
discussion on this mailing list and will be on the agenda at the
upcoming ARIN Public Policy Meeting.

The current policy proposal text is provided below and is also available
at: http://www.arin.net/policy/proposals/2005_1.html


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Policy Proposal 2005-1: Provider-independent IPv6 Assignments for End Sites

Author: Owen Delong, Kevin Loch

Proposal Version: 3 (2006-02-09)

Proposal type: modify

Policy term: permanent

Policy statement:

Add new subsection in section 6.5 of the NRPM:

    6.5.8. Direct assignments to end sites To qualify for a direct assignment, an
               organization must:

        a) not be an IPv6 LIR; and
        b) Qualify for an IPv4 assignment or allocation from ARIN under
           the IPv4 policy currently in effect. Direct assignment size to end sites

          Organizations that meet the direct end site assignment criteria
          are eligible to receive a direct assignment.  The minimum size
          of the assignment is /48.  Organizations requesting a larger
          assignment must provide documentation justifying the need for
          additional subnets. Subsequent Assignment Size

        Additional assignments may be made when the need for additional
        subnets is justified.  When possible assignments will be made
        from an adjacent address block.


In IPv4 policy there are three main types of organizations that
addresses are delegated to.

    o ISP's receive allocations directly from ARIN or from other ISP's
    o End Users receive assignments from ISP's
    o Large and/or multihomed End Users receive assignments directly from

The third category is currently missing from IPv6 policy and this is
believed to be severely hindering deployment by those organizations. In
IPv6 policy-speak:

    o LIR's receive allocations directly from ARIN
    o End Sites receive assignments from LIR's

This policy proposes:

    o Large and/or multihomed End Sites receive assignments directly
      from ARIN.

This  policy applies to organizations with networks that are large
and/or multihomed.  Like their IPv4 counterparts they do not make
assignments to external organizations. They instead assign space
internally to their own facilities. Similarly to IPv4 These internal
assignments are not submitted to ARIN via swip/rwhois.

For transition purposes an organization that qualifies for IPv4 space
today is considered elligible, regardless of whether they were
considered an ISP or End User under IPv4 policy.  It is expected that
the IPv6 only (non transition) requirements will be developed as
experience is gained.

It is reommended that these assignments be made from a separate address
block set aside for this purpose and that at least a /44 be reserved
around each assignment for possible expansion.  One bit should be
reserved around assignments /44 and larger.

Timetable for implementation: immediately

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