[ppml] 2005-1:Multinational Business Enablement

Wettling, Fred Fred.Wettling at bechtel.com
Fri Apr 22 13:20:59 EDT 2005

ARIN Policy Proposal 2005-1 removes one of the current obstacles for the
real-world deployment of IPv6 by multi-national businesses.  Global
enterprise address management is critical.  Global businesses are also
challenged with unique routing policy and multi-homed sites which are
the criteria for assignment of an AS Numbers (ARIN Policy Section 5).
Beyond multi-homing at multiple sites, businesses also concurrently deal
with dozens of service providers around the planet in the deployment of
IP-based enterprise WAN backbones.


Proposal 2005-1 is solid and helps businesses in the effective planning,
deployment, and management global enterprise IPv6 address spaces based
on the established and well understood Autonomous System Number


I encourage the Proposal 2005-1 comments to focus on how the adoption of
IPv6 can be ENABLED for businesses with minimum complexity.  Current
standards and policies do not adequately address unique routing,
multi-homing, and multiple service providers on a global basis.


Fred Wettling

Bechtel Corporation

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