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Member Services memsvcs at arin.net
Wed Apr 13 13:40:38 EDT 2005

ARIN unveiled the new version of its website today. While the overall design
is similar to the previous site, there have been both subtle and major
changes. Some highlights include:

 * Expanded and revised content, especially the "Registration Services" and
"About Us" sections

 * Former "Internet Info" section renamed "International Community" and

 * Billing-related information revised and easily accessible in new top-
level "Billing" section 

 * Former "Library" section revised and renamed "Reference" 

 * Training and educational materials available in top-level "Education"

 * Improved formatting for announcements, search engine results, and
policy proposals

 * Design goal of creating W3C XHTML- and CSS-compliant pages

Please note that overall content reorganization has caused some links to
change. We have installed redirects, but you should update any existing
bookmarks accordingly. 

For greater detail on what has changed please see the article in the current
edition of ARIN Review at:  


The ARIN website is a core part of our service to the community, and we are
interested in your feedback on the new design and content. Please send any
comments, suggestions, or questions to webmaster at arin.net.


Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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