[ppml] Re: BBC does IPv6 ;) (Was: large multi-site enterprises and PI prefix [Re: who gets a /32)

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Fri Nov 26 02:43:01 EST 2004

Generally, I don't like to cross-post, but, this is definitely an ARIN 
issue, so, I'm sending it to the ARIN Public Policy Mailing List as well
(ppml at arin.net).  While I think it is useful to discuss such issues on 
the reality is that it is more useful to discuss them on PPML and I would
like to encourage everyone participating in the discussion on NANOG
to continue the discussion on the ARIN PPML.

According to the ARIN policy document:

6.2.9.     End site

An end site is defined as an end user (subscriber) who has a business 
relationship with a service provider that involves:
	1.  	that service provider assigning address space to the end user
	2.  	that service provider providing transit service for the end user to 
other sites
	3.  	that service provider carrying the end user's traffic.
	4.  	 that service provider advertising an aggregate prefix route that 
contains the end user's assignment

As such, it appears to be a catch 22.  If your organization has transit
and PA space, apparently, as I read the policy, that would preclude you
from qualifying as an LIR without spinning off a separate ORG to do so,
then becoming a customer of that ORG.

I suspect that the ARIN staff will be more reasonable about the application
of this rule, but, that is just a suspicion.  I think we definitely need
to review v6 allocation policy and improve its consistency and ability
to meet the needs of the community if v6 is to make real progress towards
broad adoption.


--On Thursday, November 25, 2004 6:23 PM -0600 Stephen Sprunk 
<stephen at sprunk.org> wrote:

> Thus spake "Daniel Roesen" <dr at cluenet.de>
>> And as this makes this whole 200-orgs constraint pathetic, there is
>> an effort underway (or even already agreed upon?) at least in RIPE
>> region, to just scratch it completely.
>> So it boils down to:
>> - you're a LIR (== you pay)
>> - you will assign to other "organizations".
>>   Definition of "organization" is up to you.
> And you cannot be an "end site", which I would expect ARIN staffers to
> interpret as any organization which doesn't sell transit to the public.
> S
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