[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-16: POC Verification

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Mon Mar 22 16:31:46 EST 2004

This policy proposal was previously discussed on this mailing list
and at the ARIN XII Public Policy Meeting.  Based on the feedback
received from those discussions, the language of this policy proposal
has been modified.  This proposal is open for discussion on this
mailing list and will be on the agenda at the Public Policy Meeting
next month in Vancouver. 

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Policy Proposal 2003-16: POC Verification

Author: ARIN Advisory Council

Policy term: permanent


Policy statement: 

ARIN will provide a form on their Web site to allow the Internet
community at large to notify ARIN that a POC may be inaccurate.
The status of POC verification will be displayed in WHOIS including
the last verified date.

POC Verification States:

- Not Verified: Verification of the POC has never been attempted or
requested.  This would be the initial state of every existing or new

- Verified: The POC has been verified at some time in the past and
there are no outstanding notifications.

- In-Process: ARIN is currently investigating the accuracy of the 

- Delinquent: ARIN has attempted but been unable to verify the 
accuracy of the POC.

Last Verified Date:

- The WHOIS database will list the date when the POC data was last 
verified unless the POC is in "Not Verified" status.

Verification Process:
Verification requests for a POC should only be accepted if the POC has
never been verified or if more than six months have passed since the
last verification.

During the verification process, ARIN staff shall make all reasonable 
efforts to contact and verify the POC based on procedures to be set
forth by ARIN management.  Such procedures shall be published on the
ARIN web site and may be updated by ARIN management as the need arises.

ARIN shall publish a list in machine-parseable form identifying the 
current verification status of all POCs.  The details of this 
publication procedure are left to ARIN management.



This policy is intended to provide the Internet community with
information regarding the accuracy of POC data listed in the ARIN
WHOIS database. This policy is designed to provide a framework for
the ARIN staff to implement a system to publicly track the accuracy
of a POC's data.

Timetable for implementation: 30 days after ratification

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