[ppml] RE: 2003-16 - POC Verification and publication

Andrew Dul andrew.dul at quark.net
Wed Jan 28 23:40:08 EST 2004


At the last ARIN meeting the AC presented the policy proposal 2003-16 for
review and consideration by the membership.  As a result of the discussion
at the meeting and subsequent discussions at the AC meetings, the AC has
been working on a rewrite of the policy to remove the procedural language
from the proposed policy.  It is our plan to present this rewrite at the
next ARIN meeting.  

A couple of key points were raised at the meeting: 1) The possible
malicious use of the "up-to-date" flag that was to be listed in the whois
record.  2) The impact to ARIN staff from this policy change.  3) Timing
and frequency of actions to be taken during the verification process.

Following the meeting the AC also asked the ARIN staff to provide an impact
statement regarding the additional workload that would be required to
implement the policy.  I have attached the statement that ARIN has provided.

The text of the current policy can be found at this URL.

The AC is requesting additional comments from the community regarding this
proposal so that we can include your comments in the rewrite to be
presented at the upcoming meeting.

Thank you,
Andrew Dul

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