[ppml] Required utilization for additional allocations

Andrew Dul andrew.dul at quark.net
Wed Jan 28 23:53:12 EST 2004


At the last ARIN meeting in Chicago, the policy proposal 2003-10 (Use of HD
ratio for IPv4 allocations) was presented by a member of the ARIN
community.  There was no consensus by the membership that this policy
should be moved forward and the AC directed the Board to abandon this
policy proposal.

However, there was interest by the membership for the ARIN AC to consider
alternate utilization measurement methodologies for address blocks.

The current IPv4 policy can be found at this URL:

The AC would like to solicit additional input from the ARIN community
regarding this topic.  We are specifically interested in specific cases or
examples where the current policy does not provide the adequate or intended
goals consistent with ARIN's charter.  

Thank you,
Andrew Dul

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