[ppml] ULA Discussion in ARIN

Ray Plzak plzak at arin.net
Thu Dec 2 11:22:26 EST 2004

As I said in an earlier email regarding activity in the IETF, the IETF is
composed of individuals not organizations.  The likelihood is that a single
letter from ARIN would be viewed as one contribution not a representative,
collective contribution from a body of people.  For this reason, ARIN, as an
organization will not be making a position statement regarding ULA. Each
concerned person in the ARIN community needs to speak individually about
this issue.  The IETF works best when people directly contribute to the
discussion and consensus building process.  I invite the IESG to note all of
the comments made on this list as they evaluate the ULA draft.

Raymond A. Plzak
President and CEO

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