[ppml] Get you IPv6 Today, lets update the policy

John M. Brown john at chagres.net
Tue Jan 7 15:39:32 EST 2003

In the interest of fostering a more active deployment and
development of IPv6 space within the ARIN region, I'm interested
in hearing what people would want to see changed in the policy.

The ARIN region is behind other regions in deployment of v6, thus
it seems to make sense that we need to mod the policy for our
region.  Maybe continue an "early adopters" waiver for another 24
months or something like that.

Below is my understanding of 5.1.1 of the policy and I'm attempting
to illustrate where it breaks with folks.

It appears that Sec 5.1.1 states you must 

a) be an LIR
b) not be an end-site
c) plan to provide v6 connections via /48's
d) plan to deploy 200 /48 sites/customers

In the ARIN region, an LIR would be the entity that receives
space from ARIN and reassigns this to end-sites or other
transit type sites.

Requirement A.
So the first barrier is that you must be a ARIN customer
and that requires you to have received a v4 block from ARIN

Thus you can not be a ISP that receives its space from its

All non-ARIN customers are hereby excluded, you fail requirement

Requirement B.

You can not be an end-site.  Per section 2.9 of the policy
definition of an End-Site, all web hosting companies are hereby
excluded.  You might be able to argue that your web clients are the
"end user", but from a routing point of view you don't provide
transit to other sites.  2.9 seems to support this notion.

In addition, research and development groups within end sites
are excluded from receiving IPv6 space and thus can't develop
cool new applications or services that make use of and would
support the deployment of v6 space.

Service companies are excluded in that they can't get space,
learn how to use it, so that they can then help other clients
(LIR's etc) spin up the protocol.

Requirement C.

Requires that you provide v6 connectivity to others..  Well i guess
if you have the space, then you could provide space.


Requirement D.

You have to be able to provide 200 sites with v6 services within
2 years.  Chicken and Egg.  Can't start without having the space,
can't get the space because you don't know if you can support 8.33
new v6 connections per month.

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