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McBurnett, Jim jmcburnett at msmgmt.com
Fri Feb 14 12:21:27 EST 2003

>The issue of a fixed block size bothers me.  I have noted that comments
>seem to set the lower limit to a /24.  For an organization 
>that does not
>provide hosting services to others, that size should be overkill in a
>world that requires organizations to have the core network NATed for a
>sensible security.  If you look at the BGP routing tables, you will
>indeed find /25-/27 out there.  Whether an organization pulls 
>a /24 or a
>/27, its out on the net.  Follow the heart of the idea on cidr to this

OKay, I agree that a /24 is overkill... BUT some ISPs will filter
small blocks I have seen it.  CIDR is great, but some filter that too..

>Organizations can not be assigned more then one block.  Mergers of
>companies that are each assigned a block must relinquish one 
>in 180 days
>of the completed merger.  Failure to do so voids both blocks and ASs.

This won't work.  Company A merges with Company B. Offices in Canada and the US.
Large research facility in W city and corp HQ in X City with Manufactuering Plants 
in Y and Z Cities. If more than 1 office is so critical they need to Multi-home, 
this would prevent that if they are using /24s or they have to renumber for a

>Multihoming is not cheap.  I will get hate mail for this probably but
>the proposed fees are too low.  Make sure that those doing 
>this have the
>resources to keep it going and ARIN has the resources to take it away.
>Failure to pay fees in a timely manner are grounds for voiding the
YES, it is not cheap.  But the whole point is to make it easier for the 
small-mid sized companies to multi-home. So you think ARIN and other RIR's
should become the finance police in a sense to prevent the fly by night from
becoming multi-homed and going under? If a company is that stupid, let em.
And then Let ARIN or Other RIR make the money for the extra assignments.
Failure to pay is always that way though...
Inflation is a bad thing, and competition in the market place to get those
high IP "lease" prices lowered at some ISP's is worth a lot..
Why should anyone pay $60 for 5 static IP addresses EVERY MONTH, from X provider?
in this case 1 is $40, so most pay the extra $20 and waste IP addresses.

Taking it away how ? ARIN can't change a routing table. 
ARIN would need help from every backbone provider to do this..


>The issue here shouldn't be whether to do this but instead how to
>proceed.  This is a needed solution that needs to be implemented.
I agree here... We need to discuss all options.


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