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Steve Rolapp steve at
Fri Feb 14 12:09:03 EST 2003

The issue of a fixed block size bothers me.  I have noted that comments
seem to set the lower limit to a /24.  For an organization that does not
provide hosting services to others, that size should be overkill in a
world that requires organizations to have the core network NATed for a
sensible security.  If you look at the BGP routing tables, you will
indeed find /25-/27 out there.  Whether an organization pulls a /24 or a
/27, its out on the net.  Follow the heart of the idea on cidr to this

Make the organization multi-home with the rule that their AS and block
will be revoked if the block is not multihomed for 180 days.  

Organizations can not be assigned more then one block.  Mergers of
companies that are each assigned a block must relinquish one in 180 days
of the completed merger.  Failure to do so voids both blocks and ASs.

Multihoming is not cheap.  I will get hate mail for this probably but
the proposed fees are too low.  Make sure that those doing this have the
resources to keep it going and ARIN has the resources to take it away.
Failure to pay fees in a timely manner are grounds for voiding the

The issue here shouldn't be whether to do this but instead how to
proceed.  This is a needed solution that needs to be implemented.

Steve Rolapp


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