[ppml] prefix hijacking / identity theft

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Wed Apr 30 01:43:23 EDT 2003


[changed the subject line in order not to
give unwanted visibility to hijackers]

> Charles Scott wrote:
> Perhaps more correctly it could be considered "identity theft",
> as in an attempt to knowingly deceive by assuming the identity
> of another party without their permission.

Although this is futile arguing about semantics, I do not think so.
Assuming that we drop the religious issue about is WIANA right or wrong,
it does not change the fact that even though some gullible people will
actually see some legitimacy in WIANA this entire thing is full of it
and the only issue I have with it is that it will take some time and
effort to explain people that have a legitimate need and swallowed the
bait that they are stupid which is never easy.

Allow me to make a comparison: I am currently working on assigning IPv6
addresses based on population (see:
This is a controversial topic, there are many hurdles to clear, blah
blah. Therefore, obtaining address space is difficult.

The easy thing to do would be for me to declare that I am the V6IANA (V6
Internet Assigned Number Authority) (c) (tm); I even have a web page:
(that was free trolling hehehe)

Anyway, now that I have trolled this list with my stuff, why don't I
appoint myself CEO of the V6IANA (and possibly scrounge 5 or 10 bucks to
"sell" a /48 out of the block I would hijack)? Mmmm, let me think about
it for a minute; even if I fork $19.99 to register V6IANA.ORG on tucows
(hint hint it's available) who is going to think that I am legit?

[note to people that would think so: I accept Visa, MasterCard, cash,
gold bullions, deposits on my Switzerland bank account, republic credits
and baked goods]

The Trade Federation currently sells routable IPv6 PI prefixes. Please
send your payment to:

Michel Py
Intergalactic Trade Federation
One Trade Federation Plaza

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